Research Professor at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

He is now working at the Institut de Cičncies del Mar in Barcelona, where he has created the Grup d’Ecologia de Bentos Marí. He has worked in different marine ecology fields, especially the integrative studies of coastal ecosystems, the ecology of marine benthic communities, and the ecology of zooplankton, the biology of marine invertebrates, structure and dynamics of benthos in marine ecosystems. He has directed more than thirty national and international research projects, and fifteen doctoral theses, he has published about two hundred research projects in science magazines. He has also published eight books and written more than forty research projects. He is a professor at the Universitat de Barcelona, lecturer and has organized several international congresses and courses for students and doctors. Presently he is also involved in research programmes in the Mediterranean, the Antarctic, the South Pacific and the North Atlantic.