Mostra de cinema de muntanya i aventura de Figueres reaches its fifth edition willing to consolidate both as a festive and reflective platform for mountain enthusiasts.

From the organization of the CENTRE EXCURSIONISTA EMPORDANÈS we want to offer a global and new perspective of mountaineering and climbing, featuring interesting guests for all the audience.

The MOSTRA programme for 2006 includes only women guests. This decision aims at paying homage to all the local and foreign women who have practised mountaineering throughout time. Each one represents a modern vision of feminine mountaineering.

The guests: JOSUNE BEREZIARTU, CATHERINE DESTIVELLE, EDURNE PASABAN and ESTHER SABADELL are not only relevant sportswomen but their own personalities, their commitment and ethics to face challenges define a style which represents the essence of mountaineering.

The MOSTRA will feature their films and audiovisuals, made with the strength from the passion they have for our sport and their feminine sensitiveness. The audience will have the opportunity to appreciate and assess their efforts, successes and disappointments with the recognition they deserve.

“Mountains do not know of sexes, they speak a universal language… now we can only expect that we, women, will reach summits no one has ever reached before”


Lazkao. Guipzkoa.1972. Climber.

JOSUNE started climbing when she was 17, motivated by a television programme. Due to her sports progress, she is one of the most prestigious climbers in the world as she has climbed some of the most difficult routes.


Paris 1960. Physiotherapist. Climber and alpinist.

CATHERINE is one of the best known climbers with a very fruitful career; her participation is quite an event for the province of Girona.

“Climbing is my passion: either on mountains, rock walls, in competitions or while on holidays, I always follow my instinct and it has never failed me,” she says.

Tolosa. Guipuzkoa. Engineer. Alpinist.

EDURNE is currently the first woman who has climbed more eight-thousanders: EVEREST (2001), MAKALU and CHO OYU (2002), GI and GII (2003), K2 (2004) and NANGA PARBAT (2005). Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Nives Meroi have nine eight-thousanders. She has never used artificial oxygen, except for the EVEREST. She is the only woman who has survived the descent of K2 where he suffered severe frostbite.

Barcelona 1976. Economist. Alpinist.

She used to practice gymnastics. She has been in the “Al Filo de lo Imposible” team since 2001.