Mostra de cinema de muntanya i aventura de Figueres presents a new edition dedicated to PATAGONIA. This magnificent natural habitat lies at the far south of South-America and it has a climate which is influenced by the strong Antarctic winds and the Pacific Ocean storms.

For rock climbers, Patagonia is a mythic place located at the end of the world, where each mountain ascent is an adventure. Hence, the women and men who have chosen this landscape to practise rock climbing are all people with great determination and outstanding self-confidence and with very high physical and technical possibilities.

IKER and ENEKO POU, LEO HOULDING, STEFAN GLOWACZ are the guests of the 6th edition of the Festival. All of them leaders in adventure and rock climbing in Patagonia, men that have committed themselves to the mountains.

Mostra de cinema de muntanya i aventura de Figueres features the following films: SCREAM OF STONE and MY RIGHT FOOT. Both are distinguished productions which mark different mountain periods and styles and they both express the emotions inherent in them.

With this programme the Festival aims at being a meeting point open to all those who love nature and mountains.

“In general, practising alpinism and mountaineering represents one of the greatest expressions man has ever invented for his own pleasure, both physical and intellectual”.
Walter Bonatti in The Mountains of my Life


IKER i ENEKO POU (Pou Anaiak)
Eneko Pou (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1974). High mountain instructor and ski trainer. Extreme climber and skier, he has taken part in several expeditions in the Andes and the Himalayas.
Iker Pou (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1978). Climbing instructor and one of the best climbers for difficult sports routes and great rock routes.


(Cumbria, UK.1980) If climbing media stars exist, then Leo Houlding is one of the greatest. He is a British rock climbing prodigy. In 1996, he became the British Junior Indoor Climbing Champion.
Climber, alpinist, snowboarder, surfer, parachutist he also practices BASE jumping, Leo Houlding is an eclectic sportsman who practices extreme sports. He has done a lot of ascents, among them: Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy, Poincenot and Egger Needles.
Stefan Glowacz (Bavaria 1965). Climber and adventurer, he is considered one of the great names in climbing. He has accumulated a record of difficult ascents and great walls since 1981, which turn him into one of the references in free climbing.