The festival “MOSTRA” celebrates seven years at the side of mountaineering and extreme sports lovers. Throughout this period of time, the festival has consolidated its style and its will to spread sport, ecology and culture. Humanity has been in search of challenges which have led to individual and social knowledge since its existence. Our society would be different if it were not for the courage and decision of men and women who have devoted their lives to exploration. True adventure is a mental and personal attitude which our guests RAMON LARRAMENDI and TOMAZ HUMAR undoubtedly have. Both in the lonely arctic or the vertical summits, they are two of the most genuine adventurers in the world.


Ljubljana, Slovenia. 1969. His life has not been easy: He had to desert so as to escape from the Balkans war. After a terrible fall on the building site of his own home, he severely damaged both of his legs. The diagnosis: wheelchair till the end of his life. Though there were a few occasions when he was at the edge of surviving, he managed to overcome this situation. He likes reading self-knowledge books and he applies these disciplines to his ascents.



Ramon is one of the most renowned polar explorers in recent years with original proposals into which he has put all his tenacity and energy. He is a man of action, a mass media star and knowledgeable about the unknown Inuit culture and the arctic.